A Primavera Bouquet

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May 13, 2023

“You may have the universe if I may have Italy” – Giuseppe Verdi

 La Primavera – when Mamma Nature lets out all the sensory stops: producing the first sustained days of soul-comforting warmth with gently spirit-lifting breezes; releasing an effusion of intoxicatingly delightful scents; and, most especially, lovingly arranging the year’s most exquisite display of colors.

In honor of this glorious season, this installment of “Postcards” offers its own colorful bouquet of scenes from the most visually-blessed place on Earth—all arranged and delivered with amore!

No place on the planet can rival Italy’s sensory abundance, cultural richness and passionate people.  There is just something about the “Boot” that entices us, seduces us, romances us and engages every aspect of our being . . . the body, the mind, the heart and the soul. Perhaps this is why, when you step off the plane, your step lightens and your spirits lift . . . and, regardless of one’s ethnicity, your “Inner Italian” blossoms forth.  The “Inner Italian” is that delicious part of all of us that falls in love most easily and is the most expansive, expressive, spontaneous and joyful.

And in the words of Anna Akhmatova — “Italy is a dream that keeps returning for the rest of your life”. We all need to travel to Italy, whether by boat or plane, or simply in our hearts and imagination. Buon Viaggio and have a joyous Primavera.

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